Know About Polo Park Store Directory

The Polo Park shopping center is a brand new shopping complex located in the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Their regular hours include 10am till 9pm, except on Sundays. This is a great place to hang out in your free time. There are shopping outlets, and their timings, store hours, location, and information about the mall and their special events including through mail. This is the best place to visit, in your free time. There are shopping centers, outlets, fashion departments, traditional departments and more. If you have not visited the shopping center, then it’s time to visit this place. This premier shopping mall was inaugurated on August 20th, 1959.


Construction of the mall

Before becoming a shopping center, this place was a race track and that existed on this very property before it turned into a retail area. It seems like two open strip malls that faces each other. After the construction of this shopping center, it was named as the Polo Center. There was a roof attached to the mall, which made it one of the enclosed malls in America. This was the first enclosed mall as we know in America. There were at least 40 stores those were mostly brands.

Retail Outlets in Polo Park

Polo Park is a home to many retail outlets including the Gap, GAP Kids, Apple and many more brands to choose from. This place became a premier destination for entertainment and shopping including 190 stores, 3 restaurants, with a polo park and a movie theater. This mall in Winnipeg Manitoba is located at the Portage Avenue and St. James st. that is just a few minutes of drive from the downtown at Winnipeg at the James Richardson Multinational airport. Polo Park also has a food court that has been newly renovated with a good variety of food available here. There is Mexican, Indian, Greek and Chinese as well.

Visitor Information and more

The shopping center is the best place to go along with your friends and family in your free time. Download the app on one go and purchase anything you like online. You can visit their website online for more details. They will have all the info regarding the mall hours, diverse outlets and various stores to visit. The mall is one of the greatest destinations and one of the oldest in Winnipeg in Manitoba. The center admin can be contacted through email or the secondary email or you could also call them at the number provided on their official website.


The Polo Park shopping center has a Polo Park mall store directory. They have a list of shopping outlets you can find from their directory database. This regional shopping center was launched as one of the oldest malls in the province of Canada. There is wide range of entertainment including movies, shopping outlets, gaming centers and many other things to do. The store list is enormous and includes boutiques, shops, and other centers for visit.